About New Languages

New Languages supports projects that explore new conventions, sites, and time frames for live musical collaboration.

We are an unincorporated activist organization formed in 2005 by Jackson Moore and Aaron Ali Shaikh. Since then our team has expanded to include Chris Diasparra, Edward Schneider, Brett Sroka, Ty Cumbie, and Alan Sondheim.

We are always looking for new ideas and co-conspirators. If you are a creative improviser and would like to be a part of a New Languages performance, please email us at musicians@newlanguages.org and tell us a little about yourself. We welcome people of all backgrounds and levels of experience — so drop us a line and help make our events more diverse!

If you have a proposal for a New Languages event, please send it to proposals@newlanguages.org. You may use whatever format is appropriate to your ideas — we want to understand your vision in your terms. Your proposal will be reviewed by Jackson and Chris and considered for inclusion in the following programming season.

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