What is Music Factory?

Jackson Moore

Music Factory is based on a simple idea: that innovation in an art form is constrained to the extent that the conditions of production that make it possible are constrained. If this is true, then one of the tasks of the creative musicians is to grapple directly with the economic sandbox within which their music takes place. This is rarely done. Almost all of the musical heroes of our time continue to fit their work into roughly one hour slots, which are easy to package and sell.

Music Factory interrogates this condition. It takes free improvisation, which at this point in history functions as a sort of open interchange for creative instrumentalists, and places it in a productive frame borrowed from other industrial sectors, particularly manufacturing, to see if the frame galvanizes new responses.

This blog will feature thoughts from various participants and guest bloggers about the current and future economy of creative music, and about the prospects and problematics of the event.

Jackson Moore

Jackson Moore is a composer, sound artist, and instrumentalist.