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Weekly Feature: Music Factory 99

To kick off our Weekly Feature series, we've chosen one of many remarkable excerpts from last year's 84-hour collective improvisation, Music Factory. This is the second to last segment and it is clear that four days of continuous development have created a special focus and intensity. Unfortunately, the organizers were somewhat overwhelmed by the scope of the event and weren't able to record exactly when each of the performers joined in from moment to moment, but the following musicians are audible in this interval:

  • Denman Maroney: Electric Piano
  • Ben Gerstein: Trombone, Turntables
  • Jonathan Moritz: Soprano, Tenor Saxophone
  • Chris Diasparra: Tenor Saxophone
  • Benjamin Miller: Prepared Guitar
  • Lukas Ligeti: Percussion
  • Amelia Marzec: Voice

In particular, Denman Maroney's musical contributions are a revelation here. It was a privilege for all of us to work with this master improviser.

Listen to Music Factory 99

Download Music Factory 99