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Eyebeam is the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the United States. It is a home to artists who are inventing techniques and practices that weren't even possible a few years ago, and as a result it embraces an operational model quite different from galleries and museums. In short, it compresses every phase of creative production, from research and development to public presentation, under a single roof. Eyebeam offers residencies and fellowships for artists and technologists working in a wide range of media. At any given time, there are up to 20 resident artists and fellows onsite at Eyebeam's 15,000-square foot Chelsea offices and Labs, developing new projects and creating work for open dissemination through online, primarily open-source, publication as well as a robust calendar of public programming that includes free exhibitions, lectures and panels, participatory workshops, live performances and educational series.

Downtown Music Gallery has been a major nerve center for creative music since it opened its doors in 1991. It is a place where musicians and enthusiasts gather to exchange ideas, stories, and recommendations, and learn about the history of improvised music. It also presents regular in-store performances. The DMG newsletter, featuring reviews by founder Bruce Lee Gallanter, introduces fans to dozens of new releases every week. Their web archive features over 35,000 entries, including long out-of-print releases, artist-produced CD-Rs, small domestic and foreign labels, hundreds of DVDs, rare LPs, as well as the latest releases. DMG has also launched its own label to preserve long out-of-print discs and present new music.

Downtown Music Gallery is open from noon to 8pm, Thursday through Sunday, at 13 Monroe Street between Catherine & Market Streets in New York City's Chinatown

ESP-Disk is a legendary record label founded in 1964 by Bernard Stollman. From the beginning, the label's goal has been to provide its recording artists with complete artistic freedom, unimpeded by any record company interference or commercial expectations—a philosophy summed-up by the ESP motto, printed on every release: "The artists alone decide what you will hear on their ESP-Disk".

During its first 18 months, ESP-Disk recorded and released 45 albums featuring a series of unknown artists who have since been recognized as icons of creative music. Artists who made their debuts as leaders on ESP included Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Gato Barbieri, Bob James, Marion Brown, Roswell Rudd, Burton Greene, Patty Waters, Henry Grimes, Charles Tyler, Sunny Murray, Milford Graves, Sonny Simmons, Ronnie Boykins and Frank Wright. After being driven out of business in 1968, the ESP-disk catalog was licensed to several different companies over the years. In 2005, ESP-disk resumed production, and has since release a wealth of new music by the innovators of the 21st Century.

Mani-Art, creator of the Music Factory website, is a one-man interaction design & development studio based in Brooklyn, NY.