Benjamin Miller

Miller's solo performance explores "prepared guitar" as a form of auditory degeneration. This mulitphonic instrument has 5 pickups; 2 humbuckers pickups (bridge/ above first fret), 2 contact pickups (headstock/body) and 1 Hexaphonic pickup to output each string independently. The instrument is placed on its back with its strings strung far below standard tuning. Intonation is more often arbitrary. The strings are excited by metal slides, chains, springs, combs, Ebows, violin bows, (etc.) and occasionally "prepared" with binder clips, a restaurant-style salt shaker, capos, and various found objects. On top of this, retaining pickup separation, Miller adds a score of analog and digital electronics, a Casio SK1, radio, tapes, and the liberal use of a Bixby tailpiece. Sound is (de)generated by its 6 strings, including below the bridge and above the nut, and from the guitar body itself. The neck and frets are rarely implemented in the traditional means of a "neck with frets". A guitar pick is never used. Approaches to the instrument extend from subtle to violent with an end result being a textured, layered, multiphonic soundscape. Even for Miller, it is difficult to discern where any one sound originates or where it is heading - and it is this subconscious and subliminal approach that he adheres to.

First constructed in 1982, "The Zoo" (a deconstructed Gibson Kalamazoo) was an integral part of the Ann Arbor, MI performance ensemble; GKW, releasing several cassettes in the 80’s.

In the 90‘s, the instrument was used as periphery on top of Julian Mill’s songwriting for Chicago's DIRTY OLD MAN RIVER (Radial Records) on The Saddest Movie Screen and Ageless.

Miller’s “degeneration” has performed solo and in collaboration since 2000releasing 4 CDRs on his own Living Records label; Intercom, Over and Out, Layer and Sirens of Phobos. The following were released in 2010; Polar Shifts (Obsolete Units -Cassette), Eyelands Under Eyelid (Gulcher Records - CD), and Live Performances &Radio Broadcasts (Tiger asylum Records - CDR).

Color of Madness is slated for a cassette release on New Atlantic Records. Several releases are in the work for 2013 along with a European Tour.

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