Brett Sroka

"An Ellington fiend who likes to get his computerized space-dub on, the trombonist has lots of sound sculpture in him. His rather dramatic art music is both texturally rich and compositionally engaging."
- The Village Voice

Brett Sroka is a composer, trombonist and electronic/computer musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He studied at Manhattan School of Music, and has performed at BAMcafe, the Sonic Circuits Festival, the Guggenheim Museum and the Teatro Fondamenta Nueve in Venice, Italy. His first record, "Hearsay" from the Fresh Sound-New Talent label, featured Jason Moran and Avishai Cohen. Since then he's led the minimal, electro-acoustic trio Ergo on three releases, most recently "If Not Inertia" from Cuneiform records. He co-leads a noise/drone duo called Cherubim, and has scored a variety of films that have appeared at festivals in Maine, Texas, Paris, Hamburg and Beijing. Sroka has recieved grants from the Queens Council on the Arts and has twice been a fellow at I-Park Foundation. In 2013 he will develop his first sound installation at the Institute of Electronic Arts at Alfred University in New York State, and be a resident at the Nida Art Colony in Lithuania.