Dave Ruder

Dave Ruder is a musician, collaborator, and general creative type who’s been based in Brooklyn since 2005. Dave is 1/5 of the collective Varispeed, who've recently reimagined Robert Ashley's Perfect Lives and John Cage's Empty Words to great acclaim. As 1/3 of the collective Cough Button, he presented To Scale as part of Experiments in Opera in May 2012. Dave is also 1/6 of the team that performs as Sweat Lodge and presents Performers Forum every month at Exapno in Brooklyn. Dave is 1/2 of Why Lie?, a singing and storytelling duo with Aliza Simons. Why Lie? released the album The Cities Who Walk in Spring 2011 and are currently at work on their second album. WHY LIE? is also the name of a series of flexible, open source scores Dave has published on his website. In the past two years, Dave has performed extensively with Panoply Performance Laboratory, thingNY, and Kimberly Bartosik/daela. Dave holds an BA in Music from Wesleyan University and an MM in Composition from Brooklyn College and has self-released two albums.

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