Edward Schneider

Photo: Mark Nye

Saxophonist Edward Schneider is an improviser, composer, and educator currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Before his recent move to New York, Schneider lived in Minneapolis where he co-founded the quintet Process is the Goal and was founding member of the Minneapolis Free Music Society. Prior to this Schneider studied composition at the University of Illinois under the renowned experimental composer Herbert Brun. During this time the Kronos Quartet selected his composition for sight-reading. After earning a Masters in Ethnomusicology from Washington University, Schneider received a Subito grant from the American Composers Forum to produce the compact disc (Again) Against/Because. . . In 2009 his new electronic composition, the tree that was a bird, was performed as part of the Conny Purtill performance at the Blinky Palermo puppet theater at the Pompidou in Paris. Recently, Schneider was the subject of a documentary by the filmmaker Mark Nye.

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