Myk Freedman

Myk Freedman is a lap steel player, composer, arranger, and band leader. In 2003 he moved from Toronto to NYC to study music and pursue the American Dream. Since then, he has preformed with John Zorn, William Parker, Elliot Sharp, Cyro Baptista and Kenney Wessel, as well as with countless others.

Myk’s compositions have been recorded by many of his own groups, as well as by ensembles: The MK Groove Orchestra, In a China Shop and MARTIN & HAYNES, a Toronto duo made up of Justin Haynes and Jean Martin who released an entire record dedicated to his music entitled, FREEDMAN. His arrangements have been premiered at world famous venues such as The Blue Note, John Zorn’s The Stone, The Knitting Factory and the 2004 Distillery Jazz Festival where he was nominated for the Emerging Artist Award.

As the leader of Saint Dirt Elementary School, Myk has released two positively received albums on Canadian labels, Oval Window Records and Rat Drifting. He splits his time between New York and North York (Ontario) and is currently completing his second songbook of fake folk music.