Wolfgang Gil

Photo: Claudia Ariano

Wolfgang Gil is a New York-based Venezuelan sound artist who creates sonic environments through the use of computer-generated sound and multichannel speaker systems. Gil’s aesthetic emphasizes the idea of a sonic environment and its physical correlation to sound, architecture, and audience. More specifically, he is interested in the transformation of sound as a direct consequence of architecture, as well as how audience members transform the sound by their physical presence inside the sonic environment.

Gil frequently uses his own custom-made software instruments to generate the sonic content of his pieces. These instruments include the RoctoR (Real-time OCTOphonic Router), a MAX/MSP based application which was used by Gil and sound artists Adam Kendall, Michael Schumacher and Richard Garet at Point Play event curated by Nisi Jacobs at Diapason Gallery (Brooklyn, New York) in December 2010. (see more)

The artist is also an active member of the Chuck language user community and has used the programming language to developed non-commercial instruments such as the Granul8 (an 8-voices granular synthesizer) and the Micron sampler (sampler-spatializer).

Saturday Afternoon