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Remote Hearing

Remote Hearing is a series of performances taking place around the world at predetermined times. The performers record themselves from wherever they happen to be, at an agreed upon moment in time, and only hear one another after the fact, when the recordings are synchronized and superimposed.

Remote Hearing 1

Veridical Dream

Friday, December 6th, 2013
11am EST to 11:11am EST



Dafna Naphtali - Voice and Electronics
Jonathan Zorn - Strings and Electronics
Jackson Moore - Winds and Electronics

Remote Hearing 2

Stone Soup

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
4pm EST to 4:23pm EST



Alan Sondheim - Qin, Oud, and Cura Saz
Amelia Marzec - Voice
Dafna Naphtali - Voice, Electronics
Jonathan Moritz - Tenor Saxophone
Jonathan Zorn - Electronics
Lydia Velichkovski - Keyboard
Yuko Pepe - Percussion
Seth Dellinger - Voice
Colin Morgan - Computer, Tabla
Jackson Moore - Flute, Alto Saxophone, Electronics